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High-Performance 3G Test Platform


Linkbit Legion is an ultimate functional and performance test platform for SS7 + 2G-3G Mobile Core networks.

Legion software enables users to automatically import the .pcap files, edit any packet dynamically at any layer, and create a complete test flow in a matter of minutes by using only GUI tools.

Customers can use a powerful and intuitive visual flowchart test builder, Linkbit APIs, JavaScript, Perl, Python, or their combination. An independent, fully featured protocol analyzer runs concurrently with the test flowchart to aid in the test troubleshooting.


One of the main test tools for MNOs and NEMs networking software development is a functional protocol tester. The tool has to be highly programmable to fit frequently changing testing needs, yet simple enough for a non-programmer QA and Network engineers to understand and use it.

Another important test instrument frequently used in network testing is a traffic load generator. For a long time a conflict in requirements of functional and load testing resulted in use of different, incompatible tools for each task. This is no longer necessary.

The ideal network testing tool should have a capacity for traffic load generation without sacrificing the flexibility required by functional testing. Linkbit has created such a solution by developing Legion platform.

Linkbit Legion is designed to take full advantage of Linkbit Packet Studio software architecture. This architecture carries full knowledge of great number of VoIP, 3GPP/3GPP2/IETF networking standards and allows for fast and painless creation of test scenarios covering any and all IP based mobile core interfaces and protocols.

By making it possible to execute Legion packet processing engine on multiple CPU cores in parallel, Linkbit created the platform that has no match in performance as well as functional testing.



Linkbit Legion is developed to take a full advantage of scalable, high-performance multi-core systems available from COTS vendors. By developing a highly parallelizable software execution engine, Linkbit were able to leverage its unique functional testing technology into creating the most powerful functional/load networking test tool available on the market.

Benefits of Linkbit Legion deployment:


  • Reduction of operational expenses (OPEX) through multi-user, multi-interface platform sharing
  • Combination of load generation and functional testing in a single tool
  • Permanent automated regression testing with the highest possible coverage and minimization of faults caused by introduction of network-wide software upgrades
  • Scalability and flexibility of the test software
  • Use of standard Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware servers for functional and load testing results in reduced test tool prices