Evolved Packet Core

test automation

  • Functional
  • Load
  • Security
  • Increase productivity
  • Build test flows fast
  • Deploy agile methods
  • Build regression tests
  • Build test automation

Network equipment manufacturers

Linkbit Legion is deployed in NEMs labs worldwide. Our customers use it in agile development teams for quick packet flows prototyping, detailed packet-by-packet replays of error conditions, and ongoing regression testing.



Scalable, standard hardware platform for functional and load testing of Mobile Core networks, built with high-end Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components. IP based protocols and interfaces are supported. Targeted for both load and functional testing.

In an ongoing race to develop smarter mobile applications and services, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) find themselves competing with over-the-top (OTT) service providers. The latter are iterating their product code very fast, producing a continuous stream of improvements.

To match OTT development speed and quality, MNOs and NEMs have to adopt modern agile development methodologies. These methodologies require QA engineers to work side-by-side with developers, as one team, and thus require new test tools and approaches.

Linkbit Legion is an ultimate functional and performance test platform for Mobile Core networks. It includes full support of great number of VoIP, 3GPP/3GPP2/IETF networking standards and allows for fast and painless creation of test scenarios covering any combination of Mobile Core IP based interfaces and protocols.

By making it possible to execute Legion packet processing engine on multiple CPU cores in parallel, Linkbit created a platform with no match in performance and flexibility.

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