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Unlimited flexibility

without scripting!

QA Labs

Linkbit software allows building and executing detailed packet-by-packet network tests with simple graphical flowcharts, using only drag-and-drop and point-and-click operations. No coding is necessary. Complex network tests can be created by users with no programming skills.


Linkbit's software unprecedented power, flexibility and ease of use allows a QA member of an agile development team to start validating network functionality from day one.


Scalable platform for functional and load testing of Mobile Core network, built with high-end Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components. IP based protocols and interfaces are supported. Targeted for both load and functional testing.

Linkbit Legion is an ultimate functional and performance test instrument for Mobile Core networks.

Linkbit Legion includes full support of great number of VoIP, 3GPP/3GPP2/IETF networking standards and allows for fast and painless creation of test scenarios covering any combination of Mobile Core IP based interfaces and protocols.

By making it possible to execute Legion packet processing engine on multiple CPU cores in parallel, Linkbit created the platform with no match in performance and flexibility.

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Linkbit PacketCraft is a stand-alone software running on customer provided hardware. With PacketCraft, users program graphically, developing application programs by connecting icons with software wires to create executable flowcharts. PacketCraft is best suited for functional network testing of IP based Mobile Core interfaces.

PacketCraft packet engine is "fully aware" of packet data structures and inter-dependencies in all layers of all protocols at the foundation of a modern Mobile Core network. The software is capable of programmable, on-the-fly transformation of packets in all layers of all Mobile Core stacks. It is capable of introducing on-the-fly "in spec" and "out of spec" variations at any leyer of any Mobile Core stack.

PacketCraft test could be programmed with Linkbit visual flowcharts editor, a standard scripting language (Perl, Python, JavaScript), or a combination of the two. Most tests can be implemented with visual flowcharts only.

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