Evolved Packet Core

test automation

  • Functional
  • Load
  • Security
  • Seek vulnerabilities
  • Test killer packets
  • Replay attack vectors
  • Test cyber defence


Linkbit PacketCraft software allows Mobile Packet Core network packet-by-packet traffic generation, packet transformation/mutation, protocol stack robustness testing, fuzzing and penetration testing.


Linkbit PacketCraft is a stand-alone software application running on customer provided hardware platforms, and best suited for functional network testing of IP based Mobile Core network protocols and interfaces.

PacketCraft packet engine software is "fully aware" of packet data structures and inter-dependencies in all layers of protocols at the foundation of a modern Mobile Core network. The software is capable of programmable, on-the-fly transformation of packets in all layers of all Mobile Core stacks. It is capable of introducing on-the-fly"in spec" and "out of spec" variations at any of the layers.

PacketCraft test could be programmed with Linkbit visual flowcharts editor, a standard scripting languages (Perl, Python, JavaScript), or their combination. Most tests can be implemented with visual flowcharts only.

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