Evolved Packet Core

test automation

  • Functional
  • Load
  • Security
  • Seek vulnerabilities
  • Test killer packets
  • Replay attack vectors
  • Test cyber defence


Functional Testing for Evolved Packet Core (ePC/VePC)


PacketCraft is a software-only functional tester for ePC and VePC networks. It is installed on a customer laptop or desktop, or on a virtual PC in the cloud.

PacketCraft can be used for functional testing of ePC elements such as: MME, SGSN, GGSN, SGW, PGW. End-to-end testing and interworking testing is supported. It can also be used to test/emulate ePC neighboring systems (e.g. CGF, HLR, HSS, STP, DRA, PCRF, OCS, AAA, RNC, eNodeB, …). End-to-end testing with or without L4-7 data is supported.

With PacketCraft, users develop ePC packet flows by connecting graphical icons with software wires to create executable flowcharts.. Linkbit revolutionary Visual Programming Language (VPL) allows creating complex Evolved Packet Core tests in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code.

PacketCraft software unprecedented flexibility and ease of use allows a user to start testing and validating ePC network functionality from day one.



PacketCraft allows users to develop multi-protocol, multi-technology signaling and media tests of unlimited flexibility. The software allows a user to import data from .pcap files automatically, alter any set of fields on any network protocol layer before the test start and in run time, on-the-fly, add/delete any field, build any stack logic with drag-and-drop operations only, dynamically analyze any combination of fields in the incoming messages and make run time decisions on how to proceed.

Should data processing capabilities not supported by the native API become necessary, any diagram block can make a call to an external JavaScript, Perl, Python functions.

PacketCraft offers an unprecedented functional testing flexibility, programmability, ease of use in one cost-efficient software package. Networking developers, QA engineers, field support engineers, sales support engineers, and cybersecurity professionals can benefit from using Linkbit PacketCraft to test and validate network integrity and equipment functionality.

Customers can install the PacketCraft software on their own hardware platform with a standard Network Interface Card.