Evolved Packet Core

test automation

  • Functional
  • Load
  • Security

Keep mobile services running uninterripted while doing:

  • Software upgrades
  • Hardware upgrades
  • New services rollout

Keep CAPEX/OPEX down

Service providers and network operators

Linkbit Intelligent Core Tester is deployed by Mobile Network Operators worldwide. Our customers are using it for functional and load testing of Mobile Core networks.


Intelligent Core Tester (ICT) has been used in testing IN, HLRs, MSCs, SMSCs, 3G CS/PS interfaces and nodes, LTE Diameter interfaces, HTTP, SIP, other 4G Mobile Core protocols and interfaces.


Linkbit ICT deployment makes test automation quick, easy and inexpensive.

Intelligent Core Tester

Linkbit ICT is a competitive, cost-effective Mobile Core network test platform based on commercially available hardware.

Modern day Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are facing tremendous pressure of keeping the existing services running uninterrupted while constantly upgrading networking hardware, patching the software and rolling out new services.

A high-performance Linkbit ICT system supports a great number of network interfaces and protocols, from legacy (ASLI, BRI, PRI, SS7, etc.) to S1, X2, Diameter, and other 4G/LTE interfaces. Broad protocol and interfaces coverage allows Linkbit ICT to be used to test end-to-end integrity and operations of a modern Mobile Core network. Support for new protocols and interfaces could be rapidly deployed through a simple software upgrade.

Modern, scalable and highly programmable, Linkbit ICT future-proofs MNOs' investments in test equipment, improves the ROI, and offers an ultimate test system for MNO QA teams and equipment certification labs.

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