Evolved Packet Core

test automation

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There are many levels of parallelization in a modern multi-core CPU system. They involve multiple layers of hardware and OS architecture. In this note I'd like to mention the application level parallelization provided by Linkbit software itself.

Once you created a single transaction flow with Linkbit flowchart builder and verified that it implements the network test logic required, running load becomes easy. The mechanism is built into Linkbit software architecture. Multiple instances of the flowchart can be created at ran time and executed in parallel, each concerned only with its own individual transaction flow. Definition of transaction key (id) is absolutely flexible, and could consist of values of any set of packet fields.

Parallelization between multiple independent flowcharts is available as well. One can have two or more flowcharts running independent stacks in parallel, for example, TCP and SCTP, or on a higher level, Sigtran and SIP, each flowchart been parallelized with multiple instances as described above. This allows to simulate signaling gateways, say from SIP to Sigtran and back. You can even direct different flowcharts to run on separate CPU cores.